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What happens to children and youth when their family is unable or unwilling to care for them temporarily or even permanently? Where do they receive the guidance and care they need to succeed in school? Who provides the nurturing environment they need to feel safe and thrive? Who do they turn to when they have no one else?

At Pathways, we recruit, train and support families who desire to open their home to children and youth who deserve a safe place to live. Our foster care program encourages the achievement of every child's full potential by providing a stable and nurturing alternative family environment. At the same time, we implement specific treatment plans for foster children and their families while working towards the best permanent outcome for everyone involved. Texas Department of Family & Protective Services

We serve children and youth ages 0-17 that have been placed in the care of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS - formerly TDPRS). Typically, these are youngsters who are experiencing a variety of social, emotional and behavioral difficulties because of abuse or neglect. They are children who need professional support and can benefit in a home outside their family.

About foster care with PathwaysOur foster parents are both teachers and caregivers. With the comprehensive training and support provided by Pathways, our families are able to help the children:
  • handle their feelings appropriately
  • develop good relationships with others
  • succeed in school
  • become responsible members of a family and their community
Every Pathways family is different, but they all have at least these 3 things in common; they are caring, they are patient, and the want to make a profound impact in the life of a child or youth.

If you are interested in becoming a Pathways foster parent, please contact your local office or complete this online form.


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