Lynn Brush Memorial Fund

This memorial is dedicated to Lynn Brush (1939 – 2010), a woman committed to making a difference.

When friends and family of Lynn Brush passed away, she honored them by making a charitable contribution to Pathways in their name. These gifts forever honored her loved ones while making a difference to children and families in need.

Upon her passing in 2010, the impact of this tradition was further demonstrated by the outpouring of contributions made in her name by those she knew. Her example led others to pay respect in a generous way and showed that small gifts and a giving heart can make a big difference.

All gifts to the LBMF will directly serve children and families in Texas. If you would like to honor someone living or deceased through a contribution to Pathways Youth & Family Services, please contact us, download this form or use the Paypal button below and follow the instructions.

Be sure to indicate LBMF in the notes and let us know who you are honoring. Their name will be added to the memorial.


The Lynn Brush Memorial Fund recognizes this remarkable woman and her commitment to make a difference. Her story and spirit lives on as others are remembered in a way will matter for generations to come. Thanks to the following for their gifts to the Lynn Brush Memorial Fund:

  • Reba P. Hahn
  • Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Buford
  • Mr. & Mrs. James H. Rippy
  • Sandra L. Bunch
  • Mr. & Mrs. Vernon E. Faulconer
  • Flora Wilson
  • Mr. & Mrs. H Kelly Ireland
  • Dr. & Mrs. Walter L. Johnson
  • Myrtis D. Smith
  • Mr. & Mrs. Harold Bogan
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bob Bright
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dan M. Olson
  • Mr. & Mrs. Andy Wall
  • Mr. & Mrs. Don Smith
  • Mr. & Mrs. Donald Simmons
  • Mr. & Mrs. Charles Grimland
  • Dr. & Mrs. J.B. Belue
  • Mr. & Mrs. John H. Minton, Jr.
  • John T. Payne
  • Rowena Hughey
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gary LaFour & BXSI/JMGIC Family
  • Mr. & Mrs. John S. Young
  • Jan Lemmon – Tyler High School Class of 1957
  • D. Lynn Hopkins

  • Mr. & Mrs. Randy Roberts
  • Bill McMillion – Woodway Park Homeowners Association
  • Mr. & Mrs. C. C. Baker
  • Mr. & Mrs. James W. Knowles
  • Mr. & Mrs. Dan Johnson
  • Mr. & Mrs. Larry J. Barbin
  • Mr. & Mrs. James I. Perkins
  • Mr. & Mrs. John B. White
  • John D. Hills
  • Mrs. Donald Carroll
  • Robert B. Irwin
  • Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gross
  • Charlotte C. Halberts
  • Mr. & Mrs. Richard Fratus
  • Mr. & Mrs. Bob Bryant
  • Susan Mussman
  • Maxine Borley
  • Mary B. Latourette
  • Sherroil A. Neill
  • Mr. & Mrs. Doug Swearington
  • Mr. & Mrs. James Hays
  • Mr. & Mrs. Joe Clayton
  • Mr. & Mrs. Francis Kay
  • Barbar E. Enochs

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