Residential Care

Habilitative Homes

Habilitative Homes (Hab Homes) is a licensed Residential Treatment Center providing 24-hour child-care and treatment services to children with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, including but not limited to Autism Spectrum Disorder and borderline intellectual functioning.

At Habilitative Homes, we exist to serve the children first; therefore, the environment, the programming, and the staffing are always child-centered. Hab Homes provides an enriched, structured, supportive environment in which the children can learn and grow in normal, healthy ways developing skills in self-care, self-direction, self-discipline, self-awareness, responsibility for decisions and choices, and building skills necessary for living as independently as possible as well-adjusted, productive adults in our society.


  • Activities of daily living
  • Therapeutically designed recreation program
  • Structured leisure time
  • Summer program, including annual beach vacation
  • Educational support and advocacy
  • Community integration
  • On-site therapeutic services

Admission Criteria

  • Children must be between four and 17 years of age at the time of admission and may remain in care until adulthood
  • Children will have a diagnosis of IDD or borderline intellectual functioning with some exceptions
  • Specialized or Intense LOC (or equivalent level of need)


Hab Homes began as a foster home more than 20 years ago. Since then, Hab Homes has grown to four residences connected by a huge backyard. Residents experience a less restrictive, home-like atmosphere that provides easy access to and between the homes and other residents, providing a sense of community and connectedness.


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