All children need great parents. Why? Because parents create the stable, safe and nurturing environments in which children thrive. This is the premise of our adoption program and why we strive to find permanent homes for children.

Our adoption staff is committed to ensuring the success of all the children and families we have the privilege to work with and we are committed to excellence before, during and after the adoption process. Our adoptive families will always have Pathways as an advocate and supporting partner.

It is our goal to provide each home and child the best opportunity for a successful adoption experience.

Foster Care AdoptionPathways Adoptive Families

  • Provide for their Children’s Safety at all Times
  • Create an Environment where Children can Thrive
  • Encourage and Develop each Child’s Unique Interests and Curiosity
  • Help the Children Discover their own Unique Gifts & Talents

Pathways also believes that children can succeed in homes of varying religious affiliations, racial make-ups and socio-economic backgrounds.  We work with families that share a common interest in healing the past and building strong futures in every child we encounter.

If your family is committed to seeing children learn, grow and soar to their highest potential, please contact us about adoption. We welcome the opportunity to visit with you and answer all your questions.

Adoption Subsidies & Tax Credits

Adopting a child will affect your budget, but in many cases, financial assistance including adoption subsidies and tax credits can help to offset some of the expenses.

Adoption Subsidies

Adoption subsidies (also called ‘adoption assistance payments’) are available to families that adopt children with special needs. Subsidies don’t cover all of the costs of raising a child, but they can help you handle the costs of certain expenses and services to meet the child’s needs.

Benefits you may receive through the adoption subsidy program are determined on a case-by-case basis. They may include monthly cash payments and/or medical assistance through the Medicaid (Title XIX) program. Subsidies are based on the needs of the child, not on the adopting family’s income. Most adoption subsidies are provided through the federal Title IV-E Adoption Assistance Program.

Tax Credits

Tax credits are available for foster care adoption to help with the expenses of adopting a child. For more information on the adoption tax credit, talk with your tax advisor. More information about this is available online or by calling 1-800-829-1040.

Please inquire here if you are interested in foster care adoption.

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