Community-Based Services

Too often, interventions for children and families are delivered too little and too late. The family environment has already broken down, the placement has disrupted and/or the the legal system is forced into the situation. Unnecessary trauma is experienced by everyone involved – which compounds the issues and further increases the challenges to healthy living.

We believe in a better way. In order to more effectively hold families together, maintain safe, nurturing environments and prevent placement disruptions, underlying needs must be identified early on, strengths-based interventions must be provided prior to crisis, wherever they are most effective, and by a trained, coordinated team of professionals using evidence-based approach to care.

This nationally recognized methodology, called Wraparound, is an intensive, holistic method of engaging with children, youth and their families so that they can live in their homes and communities and realize their hopes and dreams. (NWI, 2016)

Mosaic Community Based ServicesUsing the family’s own voice and choice to help them achieve better outcomes, the Mosaic Wraparound team will work with a family to identify their natural supports, strengths and underlying needs, and team with them to develop a plan to address the needs and make lasting changes.  These services are community-based, person-centered, and family-driven; the plans are decided by the entire team, including all relevant family members, friends, and community supports.

Community Based Services are delivered by Mosaic Consulting, a division of Pathways Youth & Family Services. The Wraparound and community-based supports program is called COMPASS, which stands for: Communication, Outreach, Mentorship, Planning, Action, Sustainability, Success.


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