Crisis Intervention

The crisis intervention program is a division of Pathways called Turning Point.

Crisis Lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Star Health Clients in the following areas:

San Antonio
(Bexar County)

(800) 619-5291
Toll Free
(210) 399-3060

(Harris County)

(888) 483-0831
Toll Free
(713) 429-5992

(Taylor County)

(888) 263-1909
Toll Free
(325) 455-1528


Turning Point is a crisis intervention, acute stabilization and psychiatric diversion program that provides children and their caregivers with therapeutic services and natural supports to help prevent hospitalizations and maintain stable foster home placements. Licensed professionals are available 24/7 to provide initial support, assessment and service referrals over the phone. Additionally, mobile, on-site crisis teams providing in-home interventions and safety planning are a part of the process.

  • crisisresponse24/7 Crisis and Information Line
  • Full Mental Health Assessment
  • In-Home Crisis Support, Interventions, Safety Planning
  • Family Supports & Skill Building
  • Individual and Family Counseling
  • Alternate Care Settings Available for Youth who Qualify*

* Signed MOU required between Turning Point and the licensing agency to access alternative care settings.

Who qualifies for Turning Point Service?

Currently, Turning Point is available for children in the conservatorship of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services that are residing in a single-family, home environment. Children can be placed in traditional foster care or kinship care with a private child placing agency or with Child Protective Services.

Who does not qualify for Turning Point services?

  • Children and Youth who are not in Kinship Care or the Foster Care System of Texas
  • Placed in a Residential Treatment Center (RTC)
  • Residing outside of Bexar, Harris and Taylor Counties (more counties to come)

How does it work?

In a moment of crisis, youth or caregivers can dial the appropriate number for their county (Bexar, Harris or Taylor) to reach a trained crisis worker. Turning Point staff will complete an assessment and determine the appropriate course of action which may include:

  • De-Escalation and Crisis Aversion
  • Service and Resource Referrals Provided
  • Crisis Team mobilized for On-site Intervention
  • Safety Plans for Child & Family
  • Referral to Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital if Necessary

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