Delivered by Mosaic Consulting, a division of Pathways Youth & Family Services, the Wraparound Program is called COMPASS, which stands for:


Mosaic is committed to a ‘whatever it takes’ approach for the success of the child and family. We offer a comprehensive, in-home support services array which will work with the family to address their needs. Through dedicated intervention, skills building, support, and education COMPASS will meet the family where they are and help them get to where they want to be. Wraparound services include:

Targeted Case Management

Available to eligible children and families, skilled COMPASS program staff will provide high-fidelity Wraparound to foster an effective team planning process that is strengths-based, driven by underlying needs, and determined by the family. This is an intensive and long term intervention that will continue as long at the need remains. An effective wraparound process will ensure children and families have ACCESS to the decision-making process affecting their lives in addition to appropriate services and resources that they may need, ensure their VOICEs are heard and they are the driving voice at the table, and that they have OWNERSHIP of the planning process in partnership with a team that is committed to their success.

Care Coordination

COMPASS staff can provide children and families with the support they need, with the type, frequency and duration tailored specifically for them. Our Care Coordinators have experienced more than 100 hours of training specific to understanding and uncovering families individual needs and certifying them to provide all of our valuable skills training curricula. They are ready to put all of that knowledge and experience to work for the benefit of your family.

Skills Training

Available to eligible children and families, valuable skill development and in-home support can be provided for no fee for Medicaid covered persons. Our goal is to ensure each eligible child is provided with all services necessary to help them thrive at home, in school and in the community. These services come at no-cost and provide tremendous benefit for the entire family.

Knowing that every child and family has untapped potential, Pathways believes that sometimes individuals simply need new, fresh tools to be successful. Through the skills training program, COMPASS provides a trained paraprofessional to assist the child and family with skills acquisition in their own home and community. From learning how to deal with daily stressors to learning to balance a checkbook, COMPASS has it covered.

Seeking Safety Training

Seeking Safety is a therapy model for trauma, substance abuse, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). By addressing past issues, children and families can remove barriers that interfere with a healthy home.

Nurturing Parenting Training

The Nurturing Parent program provides skills and training to help parents learn new techniques and develop their existing skills with a focus on self-care, positive-parenting, and enriching relationships. We provide a parenting coach to assist with skill building and practical instruction in the family home. COMPASS nurtures to success.

Aggression Replacement Therapy (ART)

ART is designed to teach youth how to control their angry impulses and take alternative perspectives through social skills training, anger control, and moral reasoning. Successful therapy will benefit the family unit’s ability to have a peaceful and normal existence.

Do I have to receive all services?

No. Each eligible child will be assessed and a Plan of Care will be developed with them to address their specific needs. Services and supports are tailored to the family and driven by their underlying needs. Families can always take advantage of the skill-building and in-home child and family therapeutic services to build their skill set and learn some new tools.

How do I get started?

Notify your Case Manager and they can explain the eligibility criteria and discuss the next steps. You may also complete a referral form here.

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