3H Youth Ranch

The 3H Youth Ranch uses the power of nature as a tool to build new purpose, strengthen character and personal integrity in young men.

The balance of wilderness living & activities coupled with classroom and vocational education creates a positive environment for boys to grow emotionally, intellectually and physically. The philosophy of the treatment program is based on basic living and socialization skills, building self-esteem and behaviors patterned after aims and ideals of Scouting.

Boy Scouts of AmericaThe camp is chartered as a Boy Scout Troop with the boys working toward merit badges and developing skills in outdoor safety, citizenship and teamwork.

The Treatment Team is comprised of professionals that are assigned to each boy according to his specific needs. They consist of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, licensed professional counselors and licensed child care administrators.

The atmosphere is safe, structured and supervised by a trained team of professionals. An individualized treatment program is designed for each boy. It promotes acceptance of authority, responsibility for personal actions and building skill sets to be successful upon return to the community.

“In my 22 years of working in the juvenile probation field, the results of this program have been the most beneficial to the type of youth served.”
Lisa Edwards, Placement Coordinator, Jefferson County


All boys attend school on-site provided by the University of Texas Charter School System. Upon placement, each boy is assessed and placed at his level of need. We have exceptional educators that work individually and collectively to inspire each boy to aspire to his potential.

3H has an on-site computer lab, tutorials and a study hall as a means to prepare the boys for a mainstream educational system. The boys learn vocational skills such as woodworking, welding, and opportunity to participate in local 4H programs each year.

3H Youth Ranch - Wilderness ProgramHigh Adventure Trips

Multiple times per year, the boys can earn a place on our high adventure trips. The destinations are as varied as Ft. Davis, South Padre Island, Palo Duro Canyon, Big Bend and many other Texas parks and recreation areas.

Each trip involves camping with tents, cooking out and experiencing the power and challenges of meeting nature firsthand. There is hiking, backpacking, fishing, challenge courses and a multitude of wilderness activities.

Community Service

All of our boys learn citizenship skills by performing voluntary service work in the community such as the adopt a highway program, city and county park service, trail work at state and national parks and various other volunteer activities.

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