Habilitative Homes

Habilitative Homes (Hab Homes) is a licensed Residential Treatment Center providing 24-hour care to children with severe intellectual and/or developmental disabilities; often due to a pervasive developmental disorder such as Autism.

Habilitative HomesWe exist to serve the children first; therefore, the environment, the programming, and the staffing for our facilities are always child-centered. Hab Homes provides an enriched, predictable, supportive environment in which the children can learn and grow in normal, healthy ways developing skills in self-care, self-direction, self-discipline, self-awareness, responsibility for decisions and choices, and building skills necessary for living as independently as possible as well-adjusted, productive adults in our society.

Hab Homes began as a foster home more than 20 years ago. It grew into a group home caring for intellectually disabled children and was very successful. As the need for more space grew, the facility was licensed as a Residential Treatment Center. Since then the facility has grown to 4 homes and our programming has expanded greatly. Due to the success of the program our facility is almost always full and we operate from a waiting list of children from Child Protective Services.

Many of the children who come into Hab Homes’ care are permanently separated from their birth family and are available for adoption. See our children and many others available for adoption on the DFPS TARE website.

Habilitative Homes is licensed and funded by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DPFS).

Click here to visit the HabHomes.org website for more information

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